Gold plating is a layer of 22 carat gold over silver that can gradually wear, giving the appearance that it has faded. Everyday or very frequent wear, may speed up this process, especially on items like rings and bracelets which have lots of contact.

To ensure your jewellery and especially pearls will last and look its best, treat it with care, removing rings and bracelets when doing rough or physical work.  Avoid contact with perfumes, skin and haircare products as these can react with metal causing silver to tarnish and gold to erode. Hot weather and sweat can also speed up the tarnishing process. Jewellery should'nt be worn in the pool, shower, or sea. At night store the jewellery in acid free tissue in a jewellery box.

A Silver ‘Dip’ solution is the best way to clean Silver pieces, although always make sure the jewellery is then rinsed thoroughly. Gold-Plated pieces can also be cleaned this way, but only leave the jewellery in the solution for a second, and again, make sure it is then rinsed really thoroughly.

A more simple way to clean jewellery is with warm soapy water and a really soft toothbrush. Then rinse well. Or rub gently with a silver cloth.

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