I offer a remodeling heirlooms service. As well as the sustainable benefits of recycling gold and gemstones, remodeling enables you to keep and wear an heirloom that was not to your taste. Wear and enjoy it and pass on down the family line.
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Thank you again for making my beautiful ring! Mike is really pleased with it too. 

Here is a short testimonial. Please do use all or as much of it as you like. 

My partner and I recently commissioned Vicky to remake three old family diamond rings into a new engagement ring. We wanted to work with a local, independent jewellery designer and Vicky was recommended to us as a specialist in fine jewellery bespoke commissions. The three rings were all too big for me and their design was quite dated so we met with Vicky to discuss how they could be remade using some of the old gold and the diamonds. I wanted the design of the ring to be quite traditional but Vicky also had some clever ideas as to how we could incorporate some elements of the original ring designs that I liked. She drew her design for the new ring and I was then able to give feedback and make some suggestions for small changes. The making of the ring only took around 3 weeks and we are so pleased with the result. It's beautifully made and has already been much admired. 

Thank you again!

best wishes, 

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