Turquoise Clover Necklace

Perfect for summer days this eye catching stunning vivid turquoise bead necklace.  Featuring a silver Turquoise Clover charm.  The beads are lovingly hand knotted by Vicky Davies on black silk and measure shortest 46cm (18") with adjustable end links to longest 48cm (19").  The Clover Charm is made in silver with a unique molten texture and featuring a cabochon Turquoise stone.

TURQUOISE - December Birthstone

Turquoise Stones have been in use for thousands of years since Egyptian times and before, and are some of the oldest stones to be made into jewellery.

The natural energy of these stones will help you to communicate with wholeness and truth. Turquoise is said to be a very effective to aid to all verbal communication. Helping to connect with ones deepest wisdom and share our knowledge with others. As a stone of wholeness, Turquoise is beneficial to overall well-being and stability of one’s moods and emotions. Creating a sense of peace and serenity. Wearing a Turquoise can help depleted vitality and lift the spirit as well as relieving stress and healing the mind body and soul.

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